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Capstone Consultants LLC is a leading management consulting company, headquartered in the U.S., servicing the global needs of financial services firms — large and small.

We consult in all areas of insurance, with a strong bias towards developing “strategy first” prior to operationalizing engagements that require clear vision, measurable outcomes and sustainable business performance.

We also help insurtech/fintech communities solidify their value propositions and accelerate their growth – collectively redefining “value”, bringing disruptive thinking and new operating models to the insurance industry.

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Our experience also lends itself to supporting forward-thinking companies bring change to their organizations in areas of innovation, cultural change management, and strategy execution.

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Capstone has an overall strategic approach and focus that immediately allows us to take on consulting engagements with purpose. Our competitive advantage is wide and deep based on our past Fortune 100 firm career experience, where we successfully led cross enterprise initiatives, rolled out new products to market, expanded global footprints and drove sustainable, top line growth.

We welcome the opportunity to help you advance your strategic priorities and deliver results that matter to you.

We stand ready to help you achieve your business priorities.